120 Days:  Exhibit in the Carver Lobby

Special Events

Our 2021 Carver Homecoming was a GREAT SUCCESS.    

 It featured:

Raffles and fundraising for our Scholarship Program * Museum Exhibit, "When Women Use Their Power" with a special feature in the lobby of Ruby Harrison Beck * Black Business Expo * Car Show * Music * Speakers * Networking * Food * Fun *and more

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Scan_20210904 (10)

Steering Committee for Black Expo

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Scan_20210904 (13)

Stopping traffic were the classics in the "Cruise In"

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Scan_20210904 (10)

Steering Committee for Black Expo

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(All photographs (c) by Alan Johnson, 2021)

Special Exhibit:  Lobby of The Carver Center through the end of 2021

Want to be inspired?  

Look no further than the lobby of The Carver Center beginning August 28th.  The Carver 4-County Museum is featuring highlights from its 10-month series, "When Women Use Their Power."


Who are these women?

     - Murcelle E. Coleman (Richmond, Orange; March feature)

     - Angela J. Chapman (Culpeper; April feature)

     - Minnie H. Butler (Rappahannock; May feature)

     - Ruth D. Crenshaw Harris (Fredericksburg, Madison; June feature)

     - Mary S. Dade & Lorraine D. Trumpler (Orange; July feature)

     - Ruby H. Beck (Madison, Culpeper; August feature)

     - Lillian F. Aylor (Rappahannock; September feature)

     - Marlene G. Ware (Culpeper; October feature)

     - Edna R. Lewis (Orange; November feature)

     - Audrey A. Avery (Madison, Orange; December feature)


     Virtual exhibits of all women are on the museum's website (during and after their featured month) at www.carver4cm.org.    

     Their accomplishments are TRULY  inspirational.

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