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Carver 4-County Museum

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February 19
Madison Fire


Tickets only $15

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George Washington Carver Regional High School Alumni Assn (GWCRHSAA) celebrates its 75th Jubilee in Madison County with a luncheon.  The theme is "Telling Our Story:  Let the Music Play".


Highlights:  display of Madison advocates for Carver in the 1940s; music as a characteristic of Carver's success featuring Madison-born John "Dykes" Hunter, Edward "Skip" Gordon (Orange county native) and others who started a band while in high school (1957) called The Jazz Hoppers, performing throughout the region - including on the Milt Grant show in Washington, DC (while still in high school.)  Their instruments will also be on display (professionally played for many years after their 1959 graduation).

The Carver 4-County Museum is an initiative of the George Washington Carver Regional High School Alumni Association (, a 501(c)3 corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The museum is a manifestation of the Association's mission to document, celebrate and share the educational, social, cultural and military history of students, faculty and administrators of George Washington Carver Regional High School, the only institution of higher education in Virginia's four-county region of Culpeper, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock from 1948-68.  

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